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I am a consultant with a company named ITS Partners based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been a consultant there for over 7 years, and I specialize in IT Operations Management with an extensive background in Microsoft Systems Management.  I am currently diving into the ServiceNow world, and this blog will focus on how my 2 worlds (Sys. Mgmt. & ITOM) come together.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Did you ever happen to finish the the follow up to the following:
    “Provisioning is another feature I am very excited about. I will only talk briefly about provisioning here, but I will go into more detail in a post regarding the different deployment methods for Provisioning Packages.”

    i cannot find a link for it and thought i would reach out directly and ask.

    thanks a million! (in advance)



  2. No worries Adam, I was just checking. Your blog had some of the better documentation i had found and wondered if i was just missing it somewhere. I have been all up in the PPKG’s over the past week and have discovered that there is quite a bit that i can do to provision a BYOD/CYOD to an “Enterprise Build” but at the same time, there are still quite a bit of shortcomings.

    My biggest “Ah-Ha” moment was in the discovery of the Provisioning Commands customization and how to manage the single command line limitation to string as many scripts and installs as I need.

    Thanks for the posts as they were motivational! 😉



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